Infi takes a 360° approach to responsive, ergonomic and versatile fashion wear.
We love traveling, and through fashion, our goal is to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible.


Our Mission Is Three-Fold: Empowering You To Travel Comfortably, Efficiently, And Fashionably.


To enhance your commuting comfort and ease your traveling. Through the development of protective and fashionable features, we strive to empower you with weather protection, wind resistance and rain repellence.


To maximize your travelling experience and make commuting a pleasurable journey. Moving around has never been so comfortable, with our removable microbead neck pillow and integrated eye mask.


To intersect performance with elegance, keeping you classy while on the run. Close-fitting cut, classic colors and fine finishes, the Infi Smart Wear Jacket is every tasteful traveler’s best fit.





One Simple Idea…

Composed of smart wear development professionals and innovative designers, our team often came across a pain point we all had in common:
We were all commuting often, and we were always forgetful to carry with us the things that make traveling more enjoyable, resulting in unnecessary stress and sleep deprivation. It was time to act for change and get to work!



… coming to life…

It took two years of design research and product development to ascertain the right uses and materials in order to achieve our all-in-one solution: The Infi Smart Wear Jacket.
And we’re so glad we took the time to go through all the necessary trials and refinements to reach the perfect balance between convenience and style.


… thanks to your help and support.

Finally, we wanted to submit our idea to the general public, and, for that matter, we decided to launch our project on Kickstarter, and quickly gathered interest. Before we knew it, we had close to 200 investors supporting the project, exceeding our financial target by 60%.

This helped us to keep on improving the jacket through all stages of research, design and development, and ensured that our product is now at its best version for you to get your hands on.

We are proud of the work we’ve done, and we will be forever thankful to our growing fanbase.

Partners, users and friends, our community is all-in-one. Join us now!


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